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How To Research The Best High Quality Video Production Services


If video is part of your marketing strategy (which it should), one of the hardest decisions you will have to make is which video production company to work with. Production companies are literally in the hundreds and finding the right one can seem like an endless task.

You might be inclined to watch some sample videos and then make your decision, but a better idea would be to take time to consider what the perfect video production partner might be like. Here are 5 questions to ask when researching the best video production companies.

1. Do they Care about My Brand?

You must never make a decision before you speak to somebody at the company first. You can get a good idea of how much the video production company cares for you and your brand as opposed to just your money within the first few minutes.

Does the company ask specific questions about your brand and how it operates? Does it seem like you are just another lead or is the company genuinely interested in what you do? You want to choose a company that’s passionate about your video and interested in making it a success.

2. Does the Company Have Fresh, Creative Ideas?

Video production companies out there are so many that everything can start looking and sounding the same after a while. If the videos produced by the company look “same old” to you, it is also very likely that your customers will feel exactly the same way.

Find a video production company that strives to produce unique work. It will help make your video more memorable and will help it stand out. If unsure, ask the company to pitch a few ideas first. This will help you determine whether the company can come up with something special or not.

3. Is the Culture a Match?

The question about whether the culture is a match is usually one you should ask when making a full-time hire. However, it applies to hiring avideo production and editing video production company too. You can learn much about the company from reviewing its work, reading its blog, and talking with them either on phone or in person.

Are the employees of the company people you can consider hanging out with? Do they share your philosophies for doing business? If the answer to these questions is no, they might not be the company that accurately represents your brand and culture.

4. How good is the Video Service Production Quality?

This is one of the most important questions to ask. Do the videos sound and look professional? Is the sound quality great? If the company uses animations, does it use custom illustrations or stock assets? Is the animation creative and fluid?

The answers to this questions can never be wrong or right. All that really matters is whether or not you are impressed by the work of the company. It is also important to have all the decision makers in your company on board and excited about your chosen company.

5. Does the Company Fit My Budget?

Video production can get quite expensive. However, it is usually the first thing that most people associate with your business and brand, which is why it is important to do it right. Price is definitely an important consideration, but is should not always be the important one.

The Bottom Line

If you think through all the five questions discussed here before you select a video production company, you will save yourself a lot of money, time, and frustration. The company you choose might end up becoming a long-term partner, so ask the right questions and do the legwork needed up-front and you won’t regret your decision. For more information please contact Rockmans Creative Media in Melbourne, Victoria.


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