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Do You Know How To Control Termites?


Many people ask how to kill termites as if doing so is a complicated matter. It is quite straightforward, and you need to know you have many choices.

The earlier you can discover which pests have invaded your home or yard, the better off you will be since these swarming pests, especially those with large colonies, can consume a large amount of wood each week. This means that ridding your home and yard of this damage causing insects is no joking matter.


When inspecting your home, be sure to check furniture made of wood and containing wood to see if termites have taken up residence there. You should also take special care to check around your yard, especially looking closely at trees, tree stumps, and wood piles which are especially attractive for these pesky insects. Should you discover an infestation, you need to know how to proceed to rid your home and yard of this damage causing insects.


Tenting is and dynamic method for killing pests. As the name suggests, it involves enclosing the house in a tent and fumigating it. Of course, this would mean vacating the house and taking with you any edible items or medications that may be contaminated. The extermination company will usually inform you what you should remove from the house and what else you should do. Common sense also says that you should tell your neighbors about your testing procedure so they can keep away from the area.

Because some colonies can be as large as a half million and even up to a million members, it will take some time and product to get rid of them, but the task can be accomplished. You will need to spread around your house a specially treated bait which will be carried to the colony by the worker pest and then consumed by the entire colony which will lead to its destruction.


Another strategy is termite fumigation where a tent or tarp is put over your house after a lot of preparation and you, and your family members finding another place to stay for a few days.

Although great care must be taken to pinpoint the exact location of the colony, another option available to you is spraying a termiticide around your house and yard. By drilling a hole in the foundation of your house, you can also pump some of the substance into the ground beneath your house to give you the greatest degree of protection. Of course, this option is available so long as your property is not infested with dry wood pests.

Another option for getting rid of termites is available to you if you are building a house. If so, then you will want to treat the wood with a Borate termite treatment. This strategy is not available to exist homes because of the lack of access to the wood most likely to be
infested by termites.


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